Smoking and Oral Health

Smoking and Dental Health

It is National Non-Smoking Week.

Let’s talk about smoking and your oral health



Smoking Cigarettes can lead to:

  • bad breath
  • staining/yellowing of the teeth
  • slow healing
  • periodontal disease (loss of bone and gum structure)
  • and the most serious, oral cancer

Vaping or e-cigarettes

  • The effects and long term outcomes are still unknown
  • In Canada e-cigarettes containing nicotine are not regulated
  • The vapour can still contain toxins and possible carcinogens
  • Flavoured cartridges may also contain toxins where the effects on the oral tissues for safety is undetermined

There is still a large population that smokes. We do not mean to shame you when we ask if you smoke. This knowledge can help us determine certain intra-oral diagnoses. If you are interested or need help quitting smoking or would like more information with regards to how smoking affects your oral health, please reach-out. It is a battle we would like to help you with.


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