Burlington Dentures

Giving You The Confidence To Smile.

Dr. Surya & Associates have served the Burlington area for over 30 years as a leading provider of dentures and dental services. At Dr. Surya & Associates, we pride ourselves on delivering best-in-class client service through our dedicated staff of professional dentists and hygienists.

New Dentures In Burlington

At Dr. Surya & Associates, we understand how the loss of teeth can be critical to quality of life. Full dentures are designed to replace all the teeth; it can be your upper arch, lower arch, or both. The creation of new dentures will help restore chewing function, support the muscles and structure of the face and jaws, and also restore your smile and confidence!

Implant Dentures

The loss of the one’s natural teeth can result in bone loss and sequentially can affect the fit and function of the dentures. The implant dentures integrate with the bone, therefore offering an anchor for the replacement teeth. The implant dentures also help to maintain existing bone levels by providing stimulation that was previously provided by the natural tooth root system, in essence maintaining your facial structure. Patients that have chosen implant dentures have reported greater comfort and confidence about being in public with dentures that securely stay in place.

Removable Partial Dentures

Dr. Surya & Associates also develops removable partial denture that are designed to replace the loss of natural teeth whether it be only one tooth or multiple teeth on the upper or lower arches. Removable partial dentures help fill in the gaps of missing teeth, maintain the position of the natural teeth, and help you chew and digest your food better. Partial dentures will not harm your remaining natural teeth, and in fact when designed properly they prevent your natural teeth from shifting or over growing into the space left by the missing natural tooth.

Transitional Dentures

At Dr. Surya & Associates we want to avoid the patient from being without teeth when having several teeth extracted, therefore we also offer temporary transitional dentures. This option involves having impressions taken of your mouth prior to having your teeth removed. Then when your natural teeth are extracted, your denturist can fit your transitional dentures immediately in your mouth. Temporary transitional dentures prevent you from having to go without teeth, and ensuring you have teeth to chew with during the healing process which can take up to three months.

Denture Reline

Another aspect of Dr. Surya & Associates’ dentures and dental services include a denture reline. To reline a denture, new base material is added to the tissue side of the denture to help maintain a proper fit. The reline process involves your denturist taking an impression inside your existing denture. A reline of your denture will only affect the fit and not the appearance. A denture reline is required when tissue changes have occurred due possible weight loss, loss of bone, ageing, disease, or serious illness.

Other Denture Problems

At Dr. Surya & Associates we also deal with other denture problems like broken or cracked dentures. We offer denture repair in Burlington, as many repairs can be done within a couple of hours. There are many reasons for denture breakage and can often be due to underlying problems, including age, worn teeth, or poor fit. We understand that your dentures are a vital part of your life, and that’s why it is important to maintain them to ensure that they give you optimum comfort and function.

At Dr. Surya & Associates, we are always accepting new patients to our dental clinic in Burlington. Contact us to determine which type of dentures will be best for you. We pride ourselves on our capacity to effectively care for seniors with our dentures and dental services, as well as providing continuous support in the form of education for seniors and their caregivers on good denture care practices. Our clinic ensures that all seniors are able to receive the care they need. Book an appointment today with our Burlington denturists today!