Your Burlington Saturday Dentist

Finding time during the week for anything can often be vey difficult. Everyone has a demanding schedule. Between work and home life, there are just so many obligations and responsibilities to deal with. Allocating time for appointments can become a hassle, as schedules never seem to permit the freedom.

Here at Dr Surya & Associates, we understand. We know how complicated things can be during the week, and have altered our hours to serve you better. We are proud to announce that our dentist office is open on Saturdays.  Our office’s operating hours on this day are between 8am-3pm and we confidently provide the same dental services as we do during the week.

If you are looking to go to the dentist on Saturday, you can contact our office for any of these dental services.

  • Regular Cleanings
  • Cavity Fillings
  • Extractions
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Invisalign
  • Dental Implants
  • Dentures for Seniors
  • Emergency Dental Care

We are not at all limited to these services alone on Saturday. In fact, we offer many other dental treatments. We leave it up to you, our patient, to advise us of the reason for your visit.  Regardless of the concern, our group of trained dentists will happily accommodate you as your dentist on Saturday. However if it is a situation that leaves you indeterminate of the cause of your pain or the dental issue you are facing, our team can assess the issue and a resolve can be offered. We offer emergency dental care to patients requiring this service.

Dentist Office Open on Saturdays – Catering to Everyone

Should you be looking for a Saturday Dentist in Burlington that offers complete dental services, Dr. Surya and associates are qualified.  We provide dental services to people of all ages, including young patients, and always look forward to educating them about good dental care practices.


Routine visits to the dentist on Saturday, or any day, is essential. It is great for children to be exposed to dental care at an early age. Regular cleanings and check-ups ensure that preventive measures are taken to avoid issues such as cavities, crowding, abnormal bites or any other dental problems that can arise.  We are always open to assisting young patients and their parents with their dental concerns.


Dental care especially for seniors is pivotal. We encourage all seniors and their caregivers to prioritize dental care. Similar to children, regular visits to the dentist office are imperative.  Bad oral hygiene increases the risk of other physical ailments such as heart disease and seniors are often susceptible to this condition. Here at Dr. Surya and Associates, we place a strong emphasis on oral hygiene. Thus we offer an inclusive senior dental care program that enables all elderly individuals to receive treatment.

Emergency Sedation Dentistry

Our team of Burlington dentists are equipped to handle all emergencies. We are well trained and can competently provide the compassion and care that elderly patients need. At our emergency dental clinic, we are also able to offer sedation services if the situation calls upon it. Our team is able to effectively evaluate the issue and provide this service reliant on the capacity and complexity of the issue. The state of the patient is also considered before sedation is concluded.

The same level of concern is also provided for children as well. Our team of dentists work with children and their parents to properly assess their emergency. In compliance with our expertise and emergency dental services, we offer compassion and understanding. We understand that severe pain can result from a dental problem.  Our objective is to always act quickly but to also ensure comfort is achieved.

If you are searching for a dentist open on Saturday, we encourage you to contact our office at: 905-634-3665. We are certain that with our friendly and professional environment, you will feel comfortable in our care.