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Family Dentistry for Over 30 Years

Whether you need a routine check-up, or are in need of some more thorough dental work, Dr.Surya and her professional team are the best family dentist Burlington has to offer. A local mom of three boys, Dr.Surya heads the dentistry team; through her years of expertise and warm nature, she is able to provide a warm environment that would make anyone feel comfortable. That care for customer service doesn’t just pertain to dental work. Dr. Surya and Associates organize a wide-array of events that make going to the dentist a family experience, and bolster community well-being. Programs, such as our preschooler day program, allow kids the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the many different types of dental equipment in our office, talk to our friendly team, and educate themselves about proper oral care. This opportunity is a great way for your kids to explore a unique setting, bond with your child, and get comfortable with the dentist’s office. This is just one of the many measures we take to ensure that our dentistry office is the family dentist Burlington children are the most comfortable going to.

Our Family Dentistry Services Include

Providing quality dental care to the Burlington area for over 30 years.

Children’s Dentistry

Teaching your child the fundamentals of good oral hygiene can be a simple and fun task if you have the right tools. The dental team at Dr. Surya & Associates are passionate about education and preventative dental care for all of our patients, especially our youngest ones. We are happy to share strategies with parents and patients on how to maintain a child’s healthy smile in between visits and as they grow-up!

Implementing routine visits to the dentist for kids at an early age also helps anticipate any serious dental issues before they become a problem including abnormal bites, crowding, or crooked teeth. We will make sure that parents and our young patients learn proper brushing and flossing technique at every visit. We offer our patients comprehensive diagnostic assessments, cleanings, as well as any treatments necessary. We can also help parents manage damage caused by thumb-sucking or pacifier usage. These are just some of the many recommendations we would make as a children’s dentist

At Dr. Surya & Associates, we believe that a healthy beautiful smile is a lifelong journey that begins with education, good dental habits and regular visits to your dentist. We will show our patients that tooth decay and dental diseases can be avoided and dental visits don’t have to be an uncomfortable experience with a comprehensive approach to hygiene.

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