Pinhole Gum Surgery

Repair Your Receding Gum Line.

What Is the Pinhole Surgical Technique & How is It Performed?

The pinhole surgical technique is a distinct dental procedure that is performed on patients with receding gums. The purpose of this procedure is to repair gum recession by correcting uneven gums that have retracted revealing the crown of the tooth. During pinhole gum surgery, small holes are produced in the gum where recession has taken place. With a special tool designed for this procedure, the gum is massaged until flexible and is pushed or pulled into its correct position. In the final step of the pinhole gum rejuvenation process, collagen is used to reposition the gum and keep it intact and immovable.

Who is Eligible for Pinhole Gum Surgery?

Regardless of the cause surrounding gum recession, you are likely eligible for pinhole dental surgery. The likelihood depends strongly on the state of the receded gums. If there is a clear indication of gums that have withdrawn from the teeth, we strongly encourage you to contact us. We will properly assess the state of your gums to ensure which procedure is fitting. However, persistent recession can continue to expose the root of the tooth to damaging infections and bacteria. As a result, extensive damage can ensue, causing tooth erosion, and eventually tooth loss. Thus, immediate attention is required and we strongly encourage the care of trained dental professionals. The most common reasons for gum recession are:

  • Inadequate Care of Oral Hygiene
  • Aggressive Brushing or Flossing
  • Misalignment of Teeth
  • Genetics
  • Injury or Trauma to Gums or Teeth

Minimally Invasive

Pinhole gum surgery is a minimally invasive procedure that takes approximately 2 hours to correct 1-2 teeth.  This form of surgery is renowned for its speedy recovery process, as there are no open wounds or incisions. The advantage is that the recovery time is not lengthy nor is it unbearable.

Faster Recovery

In comparison to traditional methods used to rectify gum recession, such as the gum graft procedure, pinhole gum rejuvenation offers better recovery time. After surgery, it takes 1 day or so for the small holes to fade. Overall, recovery is not normally an issue for patients and they can expect to resume back to daily activities in no time.

Contact Our Team for Our Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation Procedure

With our commitment to patients and their oral care, we encourage you to feel liberated in reaching out to us. We are proud to be able to offer pinhole gum surgery to our patients and those needing it in Burlington and its surrounding areas. Should you be experiencing any of the above mentioned signs of gum recession, simply contact our office and one of our trained professionals will assist you.