Prevent Snoring

Introducing: Silent Night®


Sleep, Snoring and Your Health

Do you snore loudly, gasp for air while sleeping or wake up with a dry mouth, headache, feeling irritable or foggy? Has someone noticed you stop breathing while asleep? All these are signs of a snoring-related sleep disorder. You are not alone. Far from it. An estimated 90+ million people in North America snore in their sleep. Roughly 40 percent of men and 24 percent of women are habitual snorers.

Between the vast number of sufferers and the serious health implications of interrupted sleep, health professionals are taking snoring more seriously. Extensive research has produced significant advances in treatment. Today, snoring can be safely, effectively and painlessly treated. To get a handle on your snoring, health professionals recommend you talk to a sleep apnea dentist.

Meanwhile, there’s important information you should know about snoring-related sleep disorders, including causes, consequences and symptoms.

Sleep Quality Equals Life Quality

Snoring is a sign of an airway restriction in the soft tissue of our respiratory system. Narrow passageways cause tissue to vibrate, creating a trumpeting effect. Restricted airways interrupt those deep, restorative sleep cycles that make us feel so rested.  Sleep — or lack thereof — affects everything from our weight to our heart health to our emotional well-being. The opposite of a good night’s sleep is brain fog and indecision. In serious cases, sleep interruptions mimic narcolepsy. Snoring degrades our sleep quality. Sleep deficits degrade our life quality.

Why Do We Snore?

Extra weight is a factor. It can compress airways, forcing you to breathe through a narrowed passage. Alcohol, sedatives and smoking all increase the likelihood of snoring-related sleep disorders. According to studies, one in three smokers habitually snore. Enlarged tonsils and adenoids can block breathing airways, especially in children.  Men are two to three times more likely to snore than women.

Snoring Versus Sleep Apnea Treatment

Snoring causes interruptions in breathing. Sleep apnea occurs with repeated interruptions lasting 10 seconds or longer. Not everybody with sleep apnea snores. However, of all the sleep apnea symptoms, snoring is the most common. To get a sleep apnea diagnosis, your doctor can prescribe a sleep study. The best treatment for sleep apnea is a CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) machine—contraptions of masks, hoses and velcro straps. These devices create a pneumatic splint to hold your airway open at night. Luckily, there’s an effective—less intrusive—option: Silent Nite, a stop-snoring appliance that helps you sleep more peacefully.

A Dental Mouthpiece for Snoring: Why You Could be a Candidate

A dental device for snoring can dramatically improve your quality of sleep. Silent Night® is a clinically proven anti-snoring device with documented success rates between 70 and 100 percent. With over 400,000 appliances delivered to patients, dentists swear by this flexible, thin, comfortable appliance.

Silent Nite is a custom-fabricated dental device that moves your lower jaw into a more therapeutic position—one that opens up your throat. More space  in the airway tube reduces soft tissue vibration and allows you to breathe easier for a deeper, more restful sleep. Constructed with durable, BPA-free materials, its soft inner layer gently cushions your bite while the stronger outer layer resists wear and tear over time.

Special connectors are attached to transparent flexible upper and lower splints, which are heat laminated to conform to the dentist’s model of your mouth. Designed for adjustability, the connectors are easily interchangeable if your lower jaw needs to be repositioned. Each Silent Nite case includes extra connectors, as well as a Morning Bite Tab—a “positioner” that helps realign your bite should any shifting occur during sleep.

If you snore, don’t suffer. Get help now. Ask our hygienists or dentists today  about options for dealing with snoring and sleep apnea and start transforming your health now.