Burlington Toddler Dental Care


A Toddler At The Dentist

The Canadian Dental Association recommends that a child’s first dental visit should be between 6 months to a year. This is the time when a infant normally gets its first tooth or teeth. There are several reasons for starting routine dental visits at such a young age.

o Multiple routine visits normalizes the process for young children.
o The dentist checks for normal or abnormal development of teeth and intra-oral tissues
o The hygienist or assistant can guide the parents in how to care for primary teeth (Brushing/wiping the plaque off, flossing etc…)
o Dental related nutrition or feeding education is provided on how best to avoid cavities in the primary teeth
o A dental ‘cleaning’ is not performed at this visit.

Despite what many people think, Primary teeth are very important. These ‘Baby teeth’ hold the space in the jaw for the future ‘adult teeth’ to grow in. If these ‘baby teeth’ get cavities, need to be extracted or fall out early it can cause crowding and issues once the ‘adult teeth’ are ready to come into the mouth. We can work with your scheduling needs to book your infant’s first appointment and optimize their oral health from a young age.

Calling All 3 Year Olds

Calling all 3 years is a program we run at our office to get young children more acquainted with their dental visits. Once a month we offer a complimentary meet up with one of our dental assistants and the group of children that have registered. During this visit the children receive a tour of the office and there is time to show them all of the equipment that we use. Children are curious and can become fearful in new settings. This program gives the children the opportunity to spend time in our family dental practice in a positive setting. There is plenty of time for the children to ask questions, see, touch, and hear the sounds the equipment makes, giving them a better sense of what to expect during their dental hygiene visits. This fun, interactive visit is finished off in our waiting room with a snack for the young ones.

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