Burlington Cosmetic Dentistry

Nothing lights up a room quite like a beautiful smile. When teeth become yellow, stained or damaged, however, feelings of embarrassment can really compromise your ability to smile. At Dr. Surya & Associates, we provide Burlington cosmetic dentistry, that will give you teeth to be proud of! Our team will optimize the appearance of your teeth, addressing any potential problems like gaps, crowding, stains and discolouration. We will also correct teeth that have become crooked, crowded or misshapen.

How do we do this?

Our team is highly experienced in many Burlington cosmetic dentistry procedures like Invisalign, dental bonding, retainers, and whitening. During routine cleanings, we will assess the health of your teeth, being sure to recommend the above procedures when necessary. We encourage all of our patients to communicate openly with us and inquire about family and cosmetic dentistry procedures that will increase their confidence.

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    Burlington Family And Cosmetic Dentistry

    Dr. Surya & Associates offers family and cosmetic dentistry for parents and children alike. As many of us recall, childhood is a time where teeth can fall prey to a host of imperfections including jaw size & alignment issues, improper development of adult teeth, and overbites to name only a few. Regular dental visits starting at a young age can foresee these problems, and correct them while the required intervention is still manageable. Braces, expanders, and retainers are examples of cosmetic dental treatment options that will enhance your child’s appearance. Though dental visits traditionally begin at a much younger age, children are able to have cosmetic dental treatment starting at around eight years old.  Doing so is a proactive measure that will have many long-term benefits. Our Burlington dental clinic takes great measures to make your child feel completely at ease during each visit, and we are always welcoming new family and cosmetic dentistry patients.

    Burlington Dental Veneers

    Dr. Surya & Associates provides Burlington Dental Veneers that give our patients enhanced confidence. Porcelain dental veneers are an effective option for teeth that are chipped, discoloured, capped, misaligned, worn, cracked or damaged.

    But what are they exactly?

    Veneers are extremely thin tooth coverings made of porcelain or composite resin that get bonded to the front of your teeth. They also have the benefit of being totally customizable to fit each unique patient. In the initial visits, we will assess whether or not veneers would be an effective option and then chart a course to implement them in the quickest and most cost-effective way possible. Generally, this dental cosmetic surgery can be accomplished in as few as two visits.

    To inquire about Burlington dental veneers or other cosmetic dentistry procedures, call or visit the clinic today!

    Burlington Teeth Whitening

    Yellow teeth can hurt your confidence and compromise your smile! If you are suffering from yellow or discoloured teeth, we have many cosmetic dentistry procedures and Burlington teeth whitening options available including In-Office Zoom! Whitening, Venus White as well as Take-home whitening.

    Burlington Dental Crowns

    Burlington Dental Crowns are an effective treatment method for broken fillings, cracked, broken or sensitive teeth. If you have any questions about this cosmetic dental treatment and want to know if dental cosmetic surgery is right for you, call or visit the clinic today!