Direct Dental Insurance Billing

Dr. Surya & Associates have served the Burlington area for over 30 years as a leading provider of all types of dental services. We pride ourselves in delivering best-in-class patient service with a dedicated team of top-level dentists and hygienists. This service even extends to the payment process. Dr. Surya & Associates are pleased to offer direct billing to dental insurance and assignment of benefits to all our new and existing clients.

What is Direct Dental Insurance Billing?

Direct dental insurance billing is an easy and convenient method for handling dental plan insurance payments. With the direct billing option, Dr. Surya & Associates will submit the bill for your dental services directly to your dental plan insurer, and also complete all the forms that are required for you to receive reimbursement from your dental plan provider. If you have dental insurance, we are happy to help determine whether your dental plan provider supports direct billing insurance and what is needed for you to take advantage of this enticing option.

What is Assignment of Benefits?

An assignment of benefits refers to the arrangement wherein a dental office agrees to have the patient request that their dental plan insurer pay the dental office directly for the percentage of the cost covered. Therefore, as a patient of Dr. Surya & Associates you are only responsible for paying the amount that is not covered by your dental plan when treatment is provided.

Who will take care of my Dental Insurance Claim?

At Dr. Surya & Associates, we will electronically submit your dental insurance claim. We will provide adequate proof of your appointment and complete all of the necessary paperwork to your dental plan insure. You will never have to worry about being reimbursed..

What do I need to do?

While we do provide direct dental insurance billing, our patients are ultimately responsible for settling invoices for the dental services we’ve provided. We will require all of your dental plan provider’s information as well as your personal identification number with your dental plan insurer at the time of your initial visit to our practice. You should also be familiar with your dental insurance plan and aware of how much coverage is available to you. Some dental insurance plan providers do not accept direct dental insurance billing. In these cases, we request payment at the time of your appointment.

At Dr. Surya & Associates, we are always accepting new patients to our Burlington clinic. We pride ourselves in effectively caring for patients of all ages – from children to seniors, as well as providing continuous support in the form of education on optimal dental care practices. If you are looking for a Burlington dentist that offers direct dental insurance billing and assignment of benefits, call Dr. Surya & Associates at 905-634-3665 to book your dental appointment today!