Accelerated Orthodontics Treatment Options


Gone are the days of braces needing to stay on for a year or more. Accelerated orthodontics reduces the long wear times required by traditional braces, making them an effective alternative for most patients who feel that the appearance of metal bands on their teeth is an inconvenience that lowers confidence. Accelerated orthodontics addresses this concern by offering many forms of braces including ceramic (clear, white or less visible brackets), and lingual (placed behind the teeth, unable to be seen).

PROPEL Orthodontics Treatment

PROPEL orthodontics is an effective form of orthodontics treatment that straightens your teeth in a shorter amount of time than standard braces. This electrical device emits high and low frequency vibrations that quickly and comfortably align your teeth. When used with braces, this orthodontics treatment aligns your teeth in a much faster time than braces can by themselves. Benefits of PROPEL orthodontics include:

o Reducing discomfort associated with braces
o Easy to use at home
o Minimally invasive
o Quick & Gentle
o Stimulates remodeling and regeneration of bone

Your orthodontist will give detailed instructions on how to properly use your PROPEL orthodontics device, and will likely ask that you bring it with you to appointments. Your doctor can even plug in the device to accurately assess your progress and results. Information can then be easily downloaded and added to your chart for future reference.

Carriere® Accelerated Orthodontic Treatment

If you suffer from misaligned back teeth or posterior occlusions, Carriere® may be an effective orthodontic treatment option for you. The Carriere® Motion Appliance is generally used for three to four months, which significantly reduces the time requirements of traditional orthodontic procedures.  It uses an appliance called a distalizer, which is attached to the canine tooth and second to last molar on each side of your mouth. A tooth from each side of the bottom row will be used as an anchor and an elastic band connects it to the distalizer. This creates a force that will straighten and rotate the first molars, while pulling all of your teeth into proper alignment. An average change of 3-6mm in position occurs by the end of treatment. If you are considering different adult orthodontic options or are looking for an effective adult orthodontic solution, speak to Dr. Surya about Carriere.

OrthoPulse® Orthodontic Options

OrthoPulse® treatment propels tooth movement with the use of low light levels. Experts agree that this is one of the most effective orthodontic options on market. It has many favourable features.

One 10-minute session each day will accelerate orthodontic processes and make teeth move faster.

The science behind the product has been safely used in medicine for over six decades and is backed by documentation in over 3,300 published articles.

OrthoPulse ® is totally portable and can be used at home or away, while reading, exercising or watching TV. It is one of the easiest orthodontic options to incorporate into your daily routine.

Ask Dr. Surya if OrthoPulse® treatment is for you.