Heart Health and Oral Health

 Heart Health and Oral Health

Over the last 10-15 years dental and cardiovascular health researchers have been studying the link between oral health and heart health. Researchers have discovered that  bacteria found in the mouth and linked to periodontal disease has also been found in the plaque build up of the arteries of the heart. This is currently an association between the two diseases. There has been no evidence to prove that one of these diseases causes the other; but there may be a possibility that they affect one another. The current studies vary in the outcome of whether or not poor oral health causes cardiovascular disease or vice versa. However, there is still an acknowledged underlying association linking poor oral health, periodontal disease and cardiovascular health.


We do not have a definitive answer to provide our patients with regards to this status. We do, along with the medical field recognize that good overall health includes good oral health.

We will be staying on top of the research with regards to heart health and oral health and will obviously advise our patients if any research breakthroughs occurs. In the meantime regular visits to the dental hygienist for dental prophylaxis, having cavities restored, taking care of oral infections and maintaining good oral care at home is an ideal way to optimize your health.


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