What to do if you lose a tooth?

What to do if you lose a tooth?

Both children and adults can lose front teeth. Falls and sports such as hockey, baseball and biking can all result in tooth loss.

It is important to know what to do if your face gets knocked and your front tooth comes out. 

  1. If possible put the tooth root back in the socket immediately. 
  2. Place a tissue or paper towel in between the teeth and bite down softly.
  3. If the tooth can not be put back in the socket…Place the tooth in a glass of milk and bring with you to a dental appointment.
  4. Call your dental office immediately. Make sure you are seen that day. 

Sometimes the tooth can be inserted back into the socket and the ligaments can re-attach. The tooth may go grey or black but can still be functional. 

A radiograph will be take to assess any bone damage. And follow up x-rays will be taken in the following months/ years to ensure the health of the root and nerves of the tooth/teeth. 

If all else fails and the tooth can not be saved the dentist will make sure everything is safe, healthy and clean in order to heal properly and allow for a future placement of dental implants or a dental bridge.