Why Do I Have Stinky Breath?

 Stinky Breath?

Halitosis is the dental word for bad breath that does not go away. If you find you have bad breath or someone else tells you that you do there are several things to investigate.

  1. Always ensure that you have had a recent dental hygiene visit. Built up tartar, plaque and gingivitis can all contribute to bad breath
  2. If you have periodontal disease your hygienist may suggest more frequently scalings (every 3-4 months). Even if you take excellent care of your teeth at home only a hygienist or dentist is able to go deep under the gums to clean out the debris that could be causing a smell. Frequent scalings also help to prevent and control the active disease
  3. Have the dentist check for cavities. New larger cavities or cavities around old restorations can be very stinky
  4. If you have assessed everything at the dentist try speaking to your MD. Sometimes stinky breath can originate from the stomach and acid reflux, infections in the sinuses, throat  and tonsils

The Best way at home to improve oral health

  1. Brush your teeth two times a day
  2. Try adding a Listerine or crest pro health rinse to your daily routine
  3. Floss daily. This helps to remove stinky plaque between the teeth
  4. Use a tongue scraper to scrape off stinky tongue plaque