New update on Antibiotic Prophylaxis

New update on Antibiotic Prophylaxis

Over the years the protocol on antibiotic prophylaxis has drastically changed. Many patients were routinely taking antibiotics before a dental visit, as per their surgeon’s, doctor’s or dentist’s recommendations. The Canadian Orthopedic Association, The Canadian Dental Association and the Association of Medical Microbiology and Infectious Disease jointly released a letter, in June 2016, no longer recommending this practice. The agreed upon fact is that the risk of developing antibiotic resistance is much higher than the risk of an infection in the prosthetic joint as a result of dental cleaning due to not taking the antibiotics. It was always a precautionary protocol, however with the increased risk of antibiotic resistance the medical community is advising across the board to slow down on prescription antibiotics.


Our office protocol regarding this is once again changing and we would like to keep you informed!

  1. The Canadian Dental association no longer recommends taking antibiotics, for dental visits, after a prosthetic joint replacement.
  2. If you were or are on an antibiotic prescription after an artificial joint replacement, or for other medical reasons. We will be sending you home with a letter that needs to be brought to your doctors/surgeons appointment.
  3. The surgeon can read it and discuss their protocol with you.
  4. If the surgeon decides that they would like you to remain on the antibiotic prescription we will be requesting that their office write and refill the prescription for you.

If you have any other questions regarding this then please let us know. We are all happy to discuss this further with you. Your overall health is our utmost importance and staying on top of modern research is what we try to do.