iTero Scanner

Did you know our office has an iTero Scanner?

If you don’t know what this is you soon will! Technology is moving forward in the dental field and Dr. Surya and her team do not want to be left behind.

This amazing intraoral scanner is capable of taking 3D photo images of your teeth and bite.

We currently use this machine to create images for the Invisalign lab, for the labs to make crowns and night guards.

We are also able to scan your current teeth and bite and save it as a baseline reading. In one year or more we can take a new scan of your teeth to see any wear or changes that have occurred to your teeth. This allows us to offer and educate you on the best treatment possible for your own mouth.

Remember the old, pink impression material and trays that would be used to get imprints of teeth in your mouth? While it may still be necessary in some cases to use this material we are trying to move away from this by collecting most data through our 3D iTero scanner.

Patients will seeing more of this technology in their dental and dental hygiene appointments. We are incorporating this technology as part of our legal updates of patient dental records. And we are working as a team to learn faster techniques to gather important patient information for your oral health care.

Below are some photos of some recent staff training on the i-Tero scanner that we participated in.