Acidic Foods Impact On Your Teeth

Acidic Foods Impact On Your Teeth

A lot of people think that they can only get cavities from eating too much candy and sugar. What many individuals do not realize is that sometimes healthy foods can also cause cavities and enamel wear. This is because acidic foods and drinks increase the acidity in your mouth which allows for the bad bacteria to proliferate.

There are acidic foods that are often considered ‘healthy’ or ‘the smarter choice’. While they usually are better than some alternatives three main culprits can still wreck havoc on your enamel.

Three culprits

Lemon in Water
Vinaigrette salad dressing (Balsamic vinegar, apple cider vinegar…you name it)
Sparkling ‘Bubbly’ water

While avoiding these three foods would be ideal for your teeth, let’s be honest…it is not always possible.

The best practice after consuming any acidic food is to:

Rinse your mouth out with water first. Give it a big swoosh like you would with a mouth rinse.
Wait 30 minutes before brushing your teeth (otherwise more acid gets pushed into the enamel with the toothbrush).
If you feel like you can not give up drinking lemon water or sparkling water, it is best to consume over a short period of time versus drinking one bottle all day long. If consumed all at once or over a shorter period of time your mouth is able to work on balancing the pH levels and bringing them down. Whereas, if you are sipping lemon water or sparkling water over an 8 hour period then there is a constant acid spike in the mouth over that time.

If you have any concerns regarding foods you are consuming and the risks that they may pose to your oral health let us know. We can further discuss the effects on your mouth and help to find alternatives that would work for you.

Check back here regularity for more blog posts regarding acidic foods and your teeth.