Are Your Gums Bleeding?

progress of periodontal disease

‘My gums always bleed’ is something that we often hear from patients.

The truth is bleeding gums is not healthy and not normal. Gingivitis and Periodontal disease are the number one reasons why you have bleeding gums.

Gingivitis is when you have inflammation of the gums. The gums can be red and inflamed and bleed easily with flossing or brushing. This stage of gum disease is reversible.

Periodontal disease is when gingivitis has progressed and results in damage to the gums, ligaments and results in bone loss.

The Silent Disease

These diseases are ‘silent diseases’ . Meaning that patients often have no pain and don’t experience any feeling that they are losing bone around the teeth.

The take away from this is if your gums are bleeding it is not normal. We would like to help you get your mouth to optimal health. Sometimes this could mean adapting more tools into your oral health routine at home. Other times it may mean scheduling more frequent dental hygiene visits. In more severe cases or when the disease has progressed we may even refer you to a gum and bone specialist called a ‘Periodontist’. These are all patient specific treatments and we as practitioners are always assessing your mouth, teeth and gums at every dental visit to evaluate your needs.

The best of the best Home Care:
Daily flossing can do wonders to help to keep your teeth and gums healthy
Electric toothbrush 2x day

If you are unable to floss we can help to introduce other homecare ‘tools’ to help you with your gums.

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