Dental Benefits Expiring?


We can tell when we walk into any store these days that Christmas is coming. Even before Halloween is completed stores are setting up their Christmas displays.

With the end of the year, comes the end of many peoples insurance benefits. A problem that we frequently encounter is that people want to use their current benefits for treatment or procedures before they expire but only visit the office one week before the expiration date. We always try our best to accommodate the patient but at times our schedules just can not manage it.

If there is any dental work that has been recommended, or approved and you are ready to proceed with the treatment than start booking your appointments now! Certain procedures (Crowns are a big one) take more than one appointment. Smaller fillings and dental hygiene appointments are also important appointments to book in November and December. If completed before insurance expiry then it leaves more room within your benefits next year in the case that a larger issue arises.

When we send in an estimate for treatment the insurance companies do not inform us if it is covered. They rely on you to check your benefits and most insurance benefit programs have gone paperless now. So you must phone or check online for your coverage. It can be confusing; if you have any questions or need help navigating your coverage then do not hesitate to call us and someone in our office can review your coverage with you. Give us a call (905) 634-3665.