Silver Amalgam Fillings

Silver Amalgam Fillings

‘Silver fillings’ are referred to in the dental world as ‘Amalgam Restorations’. 




What they do?

  • Type of material placed in the tooth, after a cavity is cleaned out
  • It has been used as a ‘filling’ material for over 150 years

Safety concerns 

  • Amalgam contains mercury along with other metals
  • At certain levels Mercury is a known toxin affecting the brain and kidneys
  • Mercury is also found in foods, soils and water
  • Mercury vapors can be released in small amounts from a dental filling and inhaled or absorbed into the body

Why is Amalgam still used?

  • It is a strong filling material
  • lasts a long time 
  • Does not break as easily as other materials
  • Mercury poisoning accumulates over time
  • No clinical research link between amalgam restorations and mercury poisoning has been found

Should I have the Amalgam fillings removed?

  • It is not recommended to remove the fillings unless they are worn down, leaking or broken. 


  • Discuss any concerns with your dentist
  • Work with your dentist to determine the best material for your mouth, body and health


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