Top 5 Gift Ideas For Kids This Christmas!

Nintendo Switch Console 

The Nintendo Switch is the hottest hand-held gaming device this year.  Its original design allows the switch console to connect via the switch dock and become a complete HD gaming experience.  The Switch can also be used as a multiplayer table top console using the wireless Joy-Con controllers, allowing a gaming experience like no other.  The controllers area available in different colours, and there is a wide variety of games ranging from role play, Minecraft, and the classics like Super Mario and Zelda.  A Joy-Con Wheel can also be purchased for a more interactive experience with driving games. Recommended for all ages.  A special feature that is helpful for parents is that the Switch is equipped with parental controls.   


Fingerlings are playful, interactive toys that are sure to entertain!  With a choice of monkey or unicorn, each available in a variety of colours.  Fingerlings will grab onto things and respond to sound, motion and touch.  They will blow kisses, and can be gently pet to sleep.  Be careful not to make a loud noise because it will excite them, and wake them up!  The monkeys love to hang upside-down by their tails, and you can even buy accessories for them, like a jungle gym.  Look out for Zoe, Mia, Finn, Boris, Bella, and Sophie–they each have their own unique personalities! Recommended age: 3 and up

Hatchimals Surprise

Christmas 2016 saw the rise in popularity for Hachimals.  As the hottest gift of the year it was close to impossible to find one.  This year, they have re-invented these toys as twins!  Each twin has its own unique personality and your child must use their love and care to help them hatch.  They will interact with each other and can talk, sing, dance, even play games and tell jokes.  Recommended age: 5-8 years old.

 L.O.L Surprise

The L.O.L Surprise dolls have seven layers of surprise!  Each layer reveals clue to which doll is inside.  If the dolls are fed or bathed, they might cry, spit, tinkle or change colors.  They have been wildly popular this year and are sure to sell out quickly.  This is the perfect gift for any child that loves to be surprised!  Recommended age: 5-12 years old.

Fitbit Ionic Watch 

Do you have a fitness-minded individual on your list?  Fitbit is a trusted brand for personal fitness tracking and comes in many varieties including the Ionic watch.  Some features include:

  • Personal Coaching- see guidance on screen, based on your feedback
  • Water resistant up to 50M- track your stats like laps, calories and duration
  • Music- store and play 300+ songs
  • GPS- track distance, elevation, distance, and a map of your route
  • PurePulse® Heart Rate- continuous, automatic heart rate measurement
  • Battery life -up to 4+ days
  • Payments- a built-in NFC chip allows for credit and debit contactless payments
  • Smartphone notifications- get push notifications from apps, calendar, text and call notifications
  • Accessories- a wide variety of different bands are available to match any outfit

Recommended age: 13 and up with a parent’s supervision