The Struggle Is Real

The Struggle Is Real

Brushing your kids teeth. The struggle is real.

We are dentists and dental hygienist here. We are also parents. I know we tell you to make sure you are brushing your child’s teeth 2x/day and flossing their teeth 1x/day. This is best practice and one of the best ways to prevent cavities! But let’s be honest. Kids are kids. And toddlers are toddlers. We always want the best for our kids but young children often want to do stuff by themselves or even say the big NO or throw a temper tantrum to resist us. This can make a daily routine of brushing and flossing more difficult. We have all been there before and often raising young children is challenging.

The key is try your best.

  1. Make a routine and stick to it. Try to set tooth brushing and flossing for the same time everyday.
  2. Keep it Positive! The more positive we are in brushing the more likely the children will have a good experience. And with good experiences children want to do it again!
  3. Brush and floss along with your child. Monkey see Monkey do.
  4. Make sure to find a toothpaste flavour that your child likes. Even though we are only using a miniscule amount, If they don’t like the flavour they will be turned off brushing.
  5. Children’s flossers are easy for them to hold on to and try to figure out as opposed to regular floss.

With these tips in mind, visiting our Burlington children’s dentist office will be a breeze.