Smile in every language

Smile in every language

Does smiling make you feel good?

Do you feel good when someone smiles at you?

The smile is such an amazing thing. In most places in the world you can share a smile and kindness despite not speaking the same language.

Babies start smiling around three months of age. This smile is part of how they communicate with their loved ones and even with strangers. Almost everybody loves seeing a baby or toddler smiling in the grocery store. As children grow their smiles and laughter bring joy to us. As we age, smiling at one another can show kindness, silliness, gentleness, empathy or an understanding. It can be a way strangers are able to communicate with each other without any words

So remember when you are out running errands or driving your car, your smile has the ability to change your day or that of others. Keep smiling. Spread the joy:).