Recession and gum grafting

Recession and gum grafting

A lot of the population have been diagnosed with gum recession. This is where the gums have moved down away from the enamel of the teeth and now the tooth root of the tooth is exposed.

This can create several problems:

  1. Sensitivity. People may or may not have severe sensitivity with gum recession
  2. At higher risk for cavities. Tooth roots are softer and not as strong as enamel and are more prone to decay. 
  3. Mobile teeth or eventual tooth loss

Why does this happen?

  1. Genetically prone to periodontal disease
  2. Have periodontal disease due to poor oral health and oral care
  3. Clenching and grinding
  4. Aggressive tooth brushing

What can I do to fix it?

  1. Have a consult with a periodontist to see if you are a candidate for gum grafting. Gum grafting is a procedure to help cover up the exposed root and strengthen the gums around the tooth.
  2. Book a dental cleaning. If you have moderate or advanced periodontal disease and poor oral health, dental professionals will advise several appointments to get you back on track and then frequent follow ups to maintain oral health
  3. A night guard can help reduce the force on the teeth which can result in gum loss. 
  4. Switch to an electric toothbrush. With a light touch they do all the heavy plaque removal for you.