Primary Teeth

Primary Teeth

When babies are born all of their little little teeth are already developing underneath the gums. Isn’t that fascinating? Here are some common questions that we get asked.

When will my child get his/her first tooth? The first tooth/teeth begin to erupt into the mouth around 6 months of age.

How old will my baby be when they have all of their teeth? Complete eruption of all primary teeth, otherwise known as ‘baby teeth’,  finishes with the last molars between the ages of 2-3 years old.

My baby is 11 months and still only has his/her front two teeth is something wrong? A visit with a dentist for a first visit should be booked. The dentist will look and feel if their are other teeth making their way down into the mouth. Most likely there is nothing wrong. The eruption guidelines are a ‘guideline’ only. Some infants get all of their teeth very early and others much later. An dental exam can help to squash those nerves.


How many baby teeth should my child have? Once all of the teeth have come into the mouth your child should have 20 teeth.

Is it important to brush baby teeth? YES. 2x/day

There are spaces between my child’s teeth is this normal? YES this is normal. The spaces are natural and keep space in the jaw for larger teeth to erupt.

My Child does not have many spaces between the teeth. What does this mean? Developmentally some children’s teeth are closer together. This could cause more crowding in the future. However, we won’t know this for sure until the adult teeth come into the mouth. It is important to start FLOSSING these baby teeth that are touching to prevent cavities between the teeth.

I want my teeth white like my child’s teeth. How do I achieve that? Children’s teeth are whiter that adult teeth. This is natural. As an adult if you would like whiter teeth than a whitening treatment may offer a good result.

What age will my child lose his/her first primary tooth? The average age for losing the first primary tooth is about 6-7 years old.

If you have any other questions than feel free to ask us. We are happy to answer them or go into more depth with another blog post!