Juice in Kids Lunches – Dental Impact

Juice in Kids lunches

We hope that everyone has settled in nicely to a new back to school routine. This is just a friendly reminder to avoid putting juice boxes or sugary drinks in your child’s or teenagers lunch box 



What is a sugary drink?

  • Juicebox
  • Koolaid
  • Pop
  • Ice Tea
  • Orange Juice 

Daily Juice consumption can cause cavities. It is so simple to avoid. 

Replacement options

  • Water!!!!!
  • Water
  • Water, Water, Water!

Kids really don’t need juice. There are no nutritional benefits to drinking juice. A lot of  fresh fruit in their lunches can give them that sweet treat they are craving. And it comes with all the added benefits of eating healthy food. Health Canada Food Guide always suggest diets high in fruit, veggies and always water for drinking.