Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!

It is that time of year again! Fun! Costumes! Jack O’lanterns! and an obscene amount of candy being given out to our children.

While most people do not want to deny their children the fun of Halloween just be mindful of how much candy your child is consuming.





Here are some Halloween tips for protecting the teeth

  1. Try to enjoy the candy over a short period of time rather than spreading it over days or even weeks. It is always better to have fewer sugar spikes that can result in cavities (ie. it is better eating it all at once than one every hour) .
  2. Sticky candies are the worst for the teeth. Tootsie rolls, sour patch kids, sugared gum, lollipops. They get stuck in the deep grooves of the enamel helping to cause cavities. When brushing the teeth afterwards the bristles can just push the sticky candy further into the enamel causing…you got it…cavities!
  3. Don’t forget to be diligent with brushing and flossing those teeth. Even the baby teeth!



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