Direct Dental Billing

Direct Billing

Do you know that we do direct dental billing at our office?

Direct billing means that after your dental procedure or hygiene appointment we can bill your insurance company directly. Then the insurance company reimburses our office or if the policy is non assignment you pay us and get reimbursed.  How convenient! 

There are often times when 100% of the procedure will not be covered by insurance. In this case it is expected that the patient pays the remainder of the fee in office after treatment or as soon as the outstanding bill is sent to the patient from our office. 

This is very convenient for patients as you do not have to pay and submit the claim yourself and then ensure that you get paid. But always remember this, it is a service that we offer to our patients because we know it makes life easier for them. So please be kind and courteous to our front desk staff. Every insurance company and plan is different. We don’t always know what procedures you have coverage for and what you don’t. In order to find out this information we may have to send in an estimate in advance. 

And always keep in mind that dental work is also not standardized. The dental staff make recommendations for treatment based on the best interest of your own oral health and not on what is covered by your insurance company. 

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask. Our front desk staff is exceptionally helpful and friendly and would be more than willing to walk you through how this works.