Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween to all of our patients big and small!

Remember to stay safe out there. The weather calls for heavy rain which can make for poor visibility if driving. Be sure to drive slowly and keep an eye out for all the children in costumes. 

With regards to all of the candy!!! 


  1. Let the kids eat it all at once that way it is all gone
  2. Take half of it away to donate
  3. Remember sticky lollipops, caramels, skittles and starbursts can all stick in the deep grooves of the enamels and increase the risk of cavities. 
  4. Keep giving your children lots of water to drink. It will help to wash away some of the sugars/candy/chocolates sitting on the teeth and mouth. 
  5. If eating it all at once is not a possibility. Try setting a time frame (ie. within a week it all needs to be gone or given away). 
  6. Make sure to brush teeth and floss daily. But wait 20-30 minutes before brushing t help protect the enamel. 


The major goal is to let kids have fun and be kids. Just a friendly reminder that candy has a lot of sugar in it and it does cause cavities. The faster that candy is out of your home the better off the teeth will be.