Top 5 teeth staining foods

Top 5 teeth staining foods

  1. Coffee – we all know that coffee can cause yellowing of the teeth
  2. Tea – Tea can sometimes cause a more stubborn and darker stain on the teeth.
  3. Red Wine – Have you ever looked at your lips after drinking red wine? Enough said.
  4. Blueberries, blackberries – While very healthy for you. These berries were once used by Indigenous people as natural dyes.
  5. Sauces – Pasta sauce, soy sauce, Worcester sauce etc…

What to do? We are still going to live our lives and enjoy our morning pick me up or the foods we like.

The drinks first– don’t sip slowly on the drinks all day long. This just causes the drink to be in your mouth all day versus a shorter amount of time. When you have the drink in your mouth all day then, not only can it cause cavities but it is going to be staining your teeth all day. Some people wait until their coffee or tea is cool and drink it with a straw. That does not sound very appealing to me though:). The best thing is to enjoy your coffee or tea and wine over a short period of time. When all finished be sure to rinse your mouth with water and wait 30 minutes before brushing your teeth.

Food- The same rules go for food. Feed your body, enjoy your food. Just rinse your mouth with water after eating. Or drink a glass of water with your meals to help rinse the stains away.

Long term it will be impossible to completely avoid staining your teeth. That is when in office dental hygiene maintenance and whitening come it to help remove stains and create a whiter smile. The last day of our whitening special is today! April 15th. Call in to book today in order to receive the amazing discount.