iTero® Digital Dental Impressions

The best way to take impressions of your teeth.

The Benefits of Digital Impressions

  • Increased Accuracy

    Better accuracy means a better fit. Traditional impression materials often expand or contract after being poured and removed. Digital Impression systems eliminate these discrepancies allowing for a better-fitting restoration.

  • Improved Communication

    Patients get to see their dental work on-screen and could be part of the dental restoration process.

  • Avoiding Discomfort

    Traditional impression material and trays can induce gagging in patients. By eliminating the use of such materials your visit will be more comfortable.

  • Efficiency

    Traditional impressions take approximately 7 minutes from start to finish for each impression. Digital scanning takes only 3 – 4 minutes.

  • Reduced Turnaround Time

    Dental laboratories receive the information digitally instead of having to take a digital scan of the putty mold. By doing so time is saved and accuracy is increased. Patients can expect a better overall turnaround time for restorations thanks to this technology.

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